Only a stupid man will mobilize $100m for a Cathedral but seek medical care in America – Kwaw Kese

Rapper Kwaw Kese believes that it’s only a stupid individual who will spearhead the building of a national cathedral at the expense of hospitals.

There has been a debate on social media after new broke that the Finance Minister-designate has been flown to the United States of America for treatment due to some complications after he recovered from COVID-19.

Some Ghanaians believe that it doesn’t make sense for the Minister-designate to travel out of the country because he cannot get the needed care in Ghana.

Adding his voice to the ongoing debate, Kwaw Kese in a video which has since gone viral said it’s only a stupid person who can get over 100 million dollars to build a Cathedral but cannot build hospitals.

“We can use hundred million dollars and over to build a Church, Cathedral but we can’t get hundred million dollars to build a proper hospital, a proper medical center so that when our Finance Minister is sick, he can go there. They will rather go to America, go to UK, go to South Africa when they are sick but use over a hundred million dollars to build a church. Masa is this not foolishness? If this is not stupidity…that we will use over hundred million to build a church but when we are sick, we travel outside. We continue to fool until the country is rotten.”