Parents arrested for burying sickle cell child alive in Central Region

The police in Breman Asikuma In they Central Region have arrested a couple for allegedly burying a child alive.

A woman .in handcuffs
According to a report by Accra based Starr FM, the child is a sickle cell patient.

Speaking to Kasapa FM, an eyewitness, Yaw Boagyan said that he was asleep Friday night when he heard people talking in a distance so he hid in his window to observe what was happening.

According to him, he saw the parents of the child and the female pastor burying the live child in a dug whole.

The eyewitness said he rushed to confirm what he had seen when the suspects left only to see the child dead and covered up in the whole.

He said the parents when confronted said they believe the child was given to them by the river and so they were giving him back.

According to reports, the child was buried near the stream the community relies on for water.

The parents, Paul Adoba and Maame Ataa, are now in police custody assisting investigations.