Passenger dies after fighting drivers’ mate over ₵2 fare increment

A male Passenger have died after fighting with a commercial drivers’ mate over GH₵2 fare increment.

The incident occurred on Saturday, October 29 at the Lapaz bus terminal around 8:00pm.

The man, believed to be in his thirties, is said to have boarded the vehicle from Lapaz heading to Pokuase and was told the fare had been increased from GH₵5.50 to GH₵7.70.

After several agitations over the new fare by all the passengers in the vehicle, calm was restored.

The man refused to pay the new fare and continued to grumble. This angered the driver who decided to return the passengers to the Lapaz bus terminal where he picked them up.

The driver and his mate together with their colleagues at the bus terminal compelled all the passengers to disembark from the vehicle but the victim refused to budge.

This, according to the eyewitness led to a fight among the deceased, the driver and his mate and others at the bus terminal.

The eyewitness said after several exchanges of blows among them, the deceased was punched in the face unawares. He fell, and in the process hit his head on the pavement, leading to his death.

Authorities are investigating the matter but yet to comment on the issue.