Pastor caught in bed with a pregnant wife of a neighbor at 4am

A Kenyan pastor from Lugari, Kakamega was on thursday caught hands down in bed at 4am with a neighbor’s wife according a publication by K24Digital.

The wife who it said to be 7 months pregnant had her husband traveled while she was warming the bed of the husband with a different man.

The report said that the woman’s husband had returned home unannounced at 4am and caught the the pastor Peter Afagara in bed with his wife at Mukuyu, Mautuma area in Lugari Sub-County.

The husband of cheated wife said that he had apparently been informed that his wife has been secretly seeing the pastor when he is not around.

“On Wednesday night, I travelled to Lugari from Nakuru without alerting my wife. At 4am, I went home unannounced, and caught the pastor in the act with my partner,” the woman’s husband said.

After the the disappointing development, the husband conveyed the news to the elders of the community about the predicament.

The wife and husband appearing before the council of elders blamed each other with wife accusing her husband of desertion.

On the other end, the pastor Peter Afagara was admitted to guilt while he pleaded for forgiveness.

The council of elders ruled that the the pastor, Peter should pay a fine which will be given to the husband as a compensation though the husband was insisting on divorcing his wife.