Penalty for homosexuals is ‘death’ – Chief Imam’s PRO reveals Islam’s stance

Spokesperson for the National Chief Imam, Sheikh Aremeyaw Shaibu has disclosed the position of Islam about  Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Transgender and queer Intersex Rights (LGBTQI) who opened an office in Accra and their act.

He categorically stated that, the Islamic body is totally against everything associated with homosexuality thus calls on the president of Ghana, Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo Addo to make an emphatic statement about the advocacy and the practice of homosexuality in Ghana.

Sheikh Aremeyaw Shaibu speaking in an interview with Peace FM in Accra revealed that the penalty for persons who are caught in same sex practice or any form of homosexuality is death according to Islam.

“We’re treading on the path of secular immorality meaning we have abandoned the righteounesss of God and sought after human righteousness which will give us physical pleasure.

In fact, according to the various schools of Islamic thought, they have all accepted that the death penalty is the most deserving because the sin is so grave that such people don’t deserve to live,” he stressed.

The spokesperson of the Chief Imam believes if the president of Ghana come out clear with the position of Government about homosexuality with it advocacy and practice in Ghana it will help.

What is the position of government?”

“The government must come out . . . We want to hear from our President.

What we want to know is it the EU that established it? Is it that they just gave the support? The support they gave, what does it mean to us? How does it conflict our culture?”, he added