Rev father allegedly tortures a 14-years boy for lying

The principal of the College of the Immaculate Conception (CIC) in Enugu, Nigeria, Rev Fr. Hilary Mgbodile has been accused of torturing a 14-years-old boy under his care.

According to the sister of the victim, his brother saw two other students running towards him when he was on his way to the canteen.

Sensing they were being chased by senior seminarians as they normally do, he decided to join them run not knowing the two were actually escaping from punishment from the principal who is the priest.

She continued that after some time, they were summoned before the principal as to why they run away from the punishment it was at that point that he tried explaining to the priest that he wasn’t part of them.

The priest who got furious over why her brother was denying that he was involved freed the two and focused his anger on him.

It is said that the priest humilated the boy in the presence of the whole school asking him to remove his shirt and hold a pillar.

He was flogged mercilessly and given hard labour ,as well as, stopped from joing his friends during break time.