Reverend Father Roland Kpoanu: Ghanaians Should Be Patriotic Over Partisanship

Reverend Father Roland Kpoanu, Parish Priest of Christ the King Anglican Church, Sakumono, has called on Ghanaians to shun partisanship and be patriotic for the development of the Ghana.

He said “When we desist from the over partisanship as is the case in our country, we will be bold to speak up when things are going wrong regardless of which political party is in power.”

The Parish Priest was addressing parishioners during the First Sunday of Lent, which coincided with Ghana’s 65th Independence Day. Parishioners, many of whom were spotted in African clothing, sang joyfully in commemoration of the Country’s Independence Day as the Parish

Boys and Girls Brigade hoisted the Ghana flag in a processional and recessional march.

Rev Kpoanu said a patriotic citizen, among other key responsibilities, exuded courage and boldness enough to speak up when their expectations were not met.

He, therefore, called on Christians to prioritise “Ghana first in our dealings and come to the realisation that Ghana is the only country we have so let’s make it great.”

He urged Ghanaians to stay united and commit the country and its leaders into God’s hands, through prayer to direct them in their service to God and country.

Rev Kpoanu said failing to perform one’s responsibility because of over partisanship was irresponsibility, and further urged Ghanaians to reflect on their individual contributions to the Country by being nationalistic.