Sad Current State of Legendary Actor ‘Kohw3’ Causes Huge Stir – PHOTO

The current state of veteran Ghanaian actor, Mr Kofi Laing, popularly known as Kowh3 is sad. A photo of the actor circulating on social media has brought tears to many as he’s seen in a very poor state.

Kohw3 is seen sitting on a gentleman in a place that seems like a health facility. He looks feeble, ailing and it looks like he’s in a medical facility for help.Though Kowh3 has aged, it is obvious that he needs help to make things easier for him. A few years ago, the veteran actor publicly announced that he needs financial support in his old age as things were difficult for him.

Kowh3 recounted in an interview that many of his colleagues had died out of poverty because they’re neglected in old age. He revealed that their time in acting was not as profitable as today, and the sad part is producers neglect them and use young people to play roles that they could play better.

Kowh3 pleaded for support from Ghanaians to help him whilst he’s alive because whatever they will do or say after he’s dead won’t bring him back to life.

“Don’t wait for me to die, before you pay glowing tribute to me for my wonderful contribution, your tribute will be meaningless because it will not bring me back to life,” he said.

But it appears he’s still suffering and hasn’t really gotten a helper to go to his aid.

Check out his photo below;