Sika gari is just the name of one of my gods – Nana Agraada

Repented fetish priestess Nana Agradaa now known as Evangelist Oduro Kwarteng has for the first time explained and shed more light on her Sika gari scheme.

According to her, Sika Gari isn’t a money doubling scheme as some people have been made to believe but rather the name of her gods.

She explained that what the gods do is to help you achieve whatever you hope for adding that it doesn’t double your money when you come to consult her.

She said: “Sika Gari was the name of my fetish. What it did was to give you a favour in what you do. So if you come to sika sari your work will go on. Whatever you are doing will flourish because of the power it had.”

On the allegation of frauding people with her sika gari, she indicated that the sika gari god was a very potent one and she believes those who came for her services went contrary to what they were supposed to do.

She challenged all those saying she has defrauded them to bring proof or evidence indicating she has taken their monies