Soldier kills girlfriend for refusing to marry him

According to a source that leaked the information to the media, this soldier has been in a relationship with the girl for some years now with both families aware.

The source who pleaded anonymity explained that the soldier has been the one who took care of the girl schooling since they started dating to the extent that for the past four years, the lady has been the one keeping his ATM card.

Fast forward, the soldier travelled and one day received a call from the lady saying she could not marry her hence she is backing out of the relationship.

The soldier who couldn’t take it came down to speak with the lady’s mother but the conversation didn’t end well.

The source concluded that as at the time he/she is reporting the incident the soldier had already killed the lady.

It reads: ”Dude sponsored her through school, leaving her with his credit cards to live in luxury and meeting her every demand 9while ignoring his siblings and parents) with the intention of marry her – believing she is a virgin.

Lady said she is no longer marry him and he killed her. I’m not allowed to post the picture but he sprayed her bullets.”

See screenshot below: