Special Prosecutor petitioned to investigate alleged illegal auctioning of vehicles

The Concerned Citizens group in Ghana has petitioned the Special Prosecutor to extend its investigations into the alleged auctioning of vehicles to cover the years between 2009 and 2015.

The group believes a number of malpractices involving one Carl Wilson, among others will be uncovered if the Special Prosecutor takes up its request.

The group said “As people with considerable interest in and support for the work of the Special Prosecutor, and for an anti-corruption society generally, we petition, herein, your esteemed office to consider extending the period for the investigation to cover the years 2009 to 2015”.

“We are of the firm belief that a lot of malpractices will be uncovered when serious attention is paid to this request”.

The Office of the Special Prosecutor has commenced investigations into suspected corruption and corruption-related offences related to the auction sales of vehicles and other goods by the Customs Division of the Ghana Revenue Authority between 1 July 2016 and 15 August 2022.

According to a statement from the Special Prosecutor, on 19 August 2022, the Commissioner of the Customs Division was directed to produce some pertinent documentation to aid the probe on or before 30 September 2022.

The office wants the particulars and clear description of all auctioned items, the quantity of all auctioned items, the prices at which the items were auctioned, the date of each auction sale, and the full names, addresses, and telephone numbers of the successful bidders at all the auction sales.