Stop using newspapers, it is causing anal cancer – AMA warns public toilet operators

The Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) has subpoenaed some eight public toilet operators for unhygienic operating conditions. Including selling newspapers for anal cleaning after defecating.

As reported by Daily Graphic, on Tuesday, Public Health Officers visited the Ablekuma South Sub- Metropolitan District to inspect public toilets in the area. This exercise was to sanitise public places of convenience in the city and maintain strict hygienic conditions.

The Head of the Public Health Department of AMA, Florence Kuukyi, told the media that the conditions of these businesses were public the standard protocol. She observed that the slabs on the chambers of the septic tank were broken. She said this allowed air in and out of the tank, causing microorganism to digest in the tank.
She also observed that the septic tanks of the facilities were not airtight, which caused cockroaches and mosquitoes in and out, leading to disease transmission. And the stench from these broken tanks also polluted the surrounding areas.

She said, “The floor must be a floor that can be cleaned regularly. The seats should always be clean, hand washing basin that should be free from contamination. Burning of the tissue paper after use was also not acceptable.”
Madam Florence said out of the five public toilets, four had exposed their anal cleaning materials to flies. She condemned the practice and also called for a change in the products they used.

Most of these public toilet operators were selling newspapers and printed paper used in place of toilet tissue. She said this is a fundamental cause of anal cancer due to the harmful chemicals used on these materials.

Florence Kuukyi said, “The chemical used in printing these newspapers and materials,