Uncle whipped 8-year-old boy with naked wire over pounding duties

A boy at the primary school level is currently nursing wounds after his wicked uncle whipped him with a naked wire.

The severe beatings by the uncle with the naked wire caused the boy to profusely bleed.

Reports gathered indicates the boy was asked by the grandmother to pound her palm so she could sell in the market.

The boy however complained that he is tired.

The boy’s response to the grandmother appeared not to have gone down well with the old woman as she reported the boy to the uncle.

By his failure to pound the said palm, his punishment was to be tied on an orange tree and whipped severely with the naked wire by the uncle.

After receiving those lashes from the uncle which left wounds at his back, his auntie applied pepper to the wounds.

The incident happened in Techimantia in the Ahafo region according a report by Rianbow radio.

The teacher of the boy Mr Odenkyi at school after learning the unfortunate development shared the ordeal of the boy on social media.

This has left many shocked as to why the uncle of this boy will decide to melt out such inhumane act on his nephew.

The teacher also revealed that on that said day the incident happened the boy was starved by the family.