VIDEO: Rev. Obofour hasn’t bribed me but paid my company for contracting them on an Investigation – Kwaku Annan

The host of the popular television show in Ghana now Justice Kwaku Annan who is the host of the seat show which is aired on T.V on every Monday and Thursday was called by a journalist called Amankrado to share his view concerning the viral video allegedly portraying Rev. Obofour insulting Hon. Kennedy Agyapong and him Justice Kwaku Annan.

Speaking on the phone with Amankrado, Kwaku Annan said that immediately they receive the viral video which was going viral on all news portal he and his boss took time to investigate where the source of the video was coming from. Kwaku Annan said that on their investigation they found out that the video was a set up by someone they don’t want to disclose his name against Rev. Obofour.

He further added that in their investigation they found out that the video was even an old video which was even a feud Rev. Obofour had with a different person and not them. He boldly stated that the video was not directed to them as some people are saying. Again he said that the person who did that wanted to put Rev. Obofour into trouble by dragging him into the ongoing beef but that won’t happen because they don’t just talk about people anyhow but rather they always do a thorough investigation before they speak on issues.

He even said that when Hon. Kennedy Agyapong saw the video he even laugh and advice those people who always want to put people into trouble to be careful and stop because they have seen them all and will deal with them at the appropriate time.