Some commercial drivers in the Ellembelle District of the Western Region are calling on authorities to adjust the transportation fares due to the recent economic hardships that is battling them and their families.

The drivers believe the current economic situation is making it difficult for them to cater for their families.

According to them, prices of petroleum products have been increased but transport fares remain the same.

They are also in a fix and are complaining about the astronomical increase in the prices of spare parts.

The drivers revealed that due to the increment in fuel products and spare parts, they are unable to make enough money to cater for their expenses.

They expressed their unhappiness when our reporters visited a taxi station at Nzema Aiyinasi.

“My brother, they have increased the price of car tyre, they have increased the price of oil. So as for the lorry fares, we will beg, they should increase it. They should not increase it to 30 percent that is too small. They should increase it to 50 percent. Things have increased, right now we can’t buy oil and if you want to change your car oil, less than GHC100, is not enough to change it”, one of the taxi drivers told our reporters.

Another angry driver stated that: “the reason why drivers want transport fares to increase is that this government, does not think about drivers. When former President Kufour was in power spare part prices increased astronomically. Akufo-Addo has also come and every day we go to the filling station and they have increased fuel”.

He adds that acquiring a driver’s license is now expensive in Ghana. “I secured my driver’s license in 1999 at the cost of GHC8 but right now it is GHC1, 500. We have realized that anytime the NPP comes to power, it is we the drivers that they use to get their money”, he added.
The drivers are therefore appealing to authorities to increase the transportation fares, or reduce the prices of fuel at the pumps.

“So we will appeal to the government to reduce the prices of fuel so that it will reflect on the lorry fares. This will help us to get enough money to take care of our families”, they said.