We once killed a pregnant woman – suspect of kasoa ritualist

A 16-year-old juvenile together with another accused person standing trial for the alleged murder of an 11 year-old old in Kasoa has told a Kaneshie magistrate court they have in the past killed a pregnant woman for similar purposes.

The juvenile and Nicholas Kini (19) have been in court since April, after the two allegedly conspired to kill the 11 year old Ishmael Abdallah.

At the Kaneshie Magistrate court Monday, one of them revealed among others the plot to kill the 11-year-old failed on the first attempt, but they managed to carry it through.

Nicholas Kini had denied involvement in the crime during his testimony in court said he was accused of the crime simply because of his closeness with the juvenile.

But contradicting his testimony, one of the accused told the court the two hatched the planned after watching ritual money commercial on television and decided to follow through.

“I saw the advert on the television and called Nicholas to inform him about it. The spiritualist asked for five thousand cedis and a human life for the rituals,” he told the court.

He added, “we tried to carry out the act, Nicholas told me he had some medicine and a handkerchief to carry out the murder. So we planned to do it, but we were unsuccessful at the first attempt. “

“On one of the nights when I returned from work with my father, I went to Nicholas Kini’s place, where he was rolling weed, so we both went inside and smoked the night away till we slept.”

Fast forward he narrated how they lured the 11 year old with a game console into an uncompleted building where they finally killed him.

“Nicholas Kini told Ishmael to come for the game console in a sack in the building, when he got inside, he used a club to smack the back of his head and he fell face down.”.

He told the court, “I raised the cement block to smash his head, only to hear the struggling 11 year old ask me (the juvenile) why I was doing this to him even as his friend.”

The revelation drew emotional jeers from people in the court, as he continued the narration.

But the part that arguably shook even the presiding judge was when he said, ” we have even killed a pregnant woman before.”

He made the revelation when his supposed accomplice Nicholas Kini denied playing any role in the killing of the boy.

Relatives of the deceased could not hold back their emotions as some other persons in court wept.

Justice Rosemond Dodua Agyiri however committed the two to proper murder trial at the high court on September 20, 2021 after hearing the testimonies of the two and the indictment as presented by the senior state attorney.

Nana Adoma Osei also presented nineteen exhibits she hopes to rely on for the trial, including a club, a shovel, cement blocks from the crime scene among