Woman dies after galamsey pit dug under house collapses

A young woman in Odumasi has died after illegal miners dug a pit under a house. She was said to be using a toilet which collapsed due to the illegal activities.

The pit, dug by illegal miners in the Asante Akyem Central Municipality, is one of many such hidden holes dug under houses in the area.

Sources say several houses are under threat of collapse as a result of these hidden pits.

The body of the woman yet to be identified has since been retrieved and deposited at the local hospital.

Activities of illegal mining popularly called ‘galamsey’ is beginning to wreak havoc and is threatening the livelihoods of local residents.

Residents are intimidated and frustrated as they are being forced out of their homes by illegal miners.

Some residents have had to face-off with illegal miners to protect what is left of their lands.