Woman dies on Tema motorway as she goes to verify claims about a woman in hubby’s car

A jealous woman met her untimely death on the Tema Motorway in her bid to uncover what she think her husband is doing with a different woman in his car.

According to reports, the woman has been suspecting her husband of cheating got a hint that a woman is in her husband’s car.

It has still has not been established that the husband was in the car with his girlfriend or any sidechick the wife had been suspecting him of.

Many have said it could even have been a sister, cousin or any female family member who was in the car with the husband but the jealous wife rushed things which has ended her life.

Confirming the news, the former senior reporter of Daily Graphic Mabel Akua Baneseh took to social media to share the sad news.

“A woman died on the motorway. She was going to Tema to verify claims there was a woman in her hubby’s car.

She never got there to even know whether or not the said woman was her hubby’s cousin, coworker or mere friend. Don’t allow lies to lead you to your grave” She posted on Facebook.