Your letter is very stupid, I resigned 2 weeks ago – Allotey Jacob fires NDC

Former regional chairman of the National Democratic Party Allotey Jacobs has described the letter by NDC announcing his removal from the party as “very stupid”

According to the outspoken politician, the move by his former party to announce his sacking with a letter is very stupid because he had already resigned from the party 2 weeks ago.

“Aseidu Nketia and his executives are living in fantasy. I have already announced to the whole world that I’m no longer an NDC member then they come with that letter, just to appease their foot soldiers. You see I don’t want to describe the letter as being a stupid letter, very stupid letter.” he told Joy FM.

Courageous Allotey suggested to the leadership of the National Democratic congress to launch police investigation against him if the party has any impression that he is holding any party property.

Reacting to claims that he was sacked because of his anti party attitude, the former regional chairman said “Look at them; human beings finding me guilty; just ordinary human beings, when I have left the party, you find me guilty.

“I’m not a zombie to be directed by the party. One cannot tell me that I should jump into the ditch because he is a party officer. I won’t do that.”

They should have written that they have accepted the [Allotey Jacobs’] resignation from the party”. He added.

IN statement released by the NDC on Tuesday 23rd March 2021, the party said Bernard Allotey Jacobs, a former Central Regional Minister has been found guilty of misconduct.

“The Functional Executive Committee [FEC] acting in compliance [with] Article 48(1) of the NDC Constitution has unanimously adopted the report [of a committee] and accepts fully its recommendation for your expulsion from the party,”

You [have] therefore by the decision of FEC been expelled from the National Democratic Congress and for that matter no more recognized as a member of the party and cannot carry yourself as such.”