Local man arrested on suspicion of the murder of Thomas O’Halloran

A man has been arrested at an address in Southall on suspicion of the murder of Thomas O’Halloran who was stabbed while riding a mobility scooter in west London.

Police thanked the public for their support in helping of the release of a CCTV image leading to the arrest.

A statement by the Metropolitan Police read “Mr O’Halloran’s family have been updated with this development and continue to be supported by specially trained officers.”

Metropolitan Police Chief Superintendent Sean Wilson continued “Mr O’Halloran was killed in a “shocking act” of “unprovoked violence.”

“He was coming back from Perivale to play his accordion and make some money for his family and he was stabbed to death.”

It comes after officers were called to Cayton Road, in Greenford, west London, on Tuesday to reports of a stabbing and Mr O’Halloran was declared dead at the scene.

Police believe Mr O’Halloran was stabbed at about 4pm in Western Avenue before managing to travel 70 metres or so on his mobility scooter to Runnymede Gardens, where he flagged down a member of the public for help.

Mr O’Halloran was said to be known locally for busking outside Greenford Station and was also said to be raising money for war-torn Ukraine.

Mr O’Halloran was known to the community in Greenford as ‘Terry’ and Mr Pound described him as an “absolute character”.

The 87-year-old, who lived in the Greenford area was survived by his brothers George and Richard, and sister Bridget.