UK weather temperatures could hit continuous 30°C sparking drought fears

Temperatures in the UK are set to rise steadily until the weekend as a second heatwave has been predicted by forecasters.

Most of the country will remain dry over the next five days, with millions of households facing hosepipe bans due to low rivers and reservoirs, while a drought could be declared within days.

While temperatures will not reach July’s record-breaking hot spell of 40.3°C, the South is expected to hit 28°C and 24°C in the North with most areas fine and dry with plenty of sunshine.

On Tuesday, temperatures will rise to a maximum of 30°C in southern England and 25°C in the North with the possibility of some cloud making for some more hazy sunshine.

And by Wednesday this will increase again with highs of 32ºC in the South and 27ºC in the North.

The Met Office’s senior operational meteorologist Rachel Ayers said: “The rest of the week looks very similar with temperatures looking to peak around Friday or Saturday.”

She added there was a 40 per cent chance temperatures could reach 35°C.