Aftermath of 2020 Polls: Wontumi’s display of wealth angered voters – Ofosu Boakye

According to Maxwell Ofosu Boakye, Chairman Wontumi displaying his wealth in public angered even some members of NPP and floating voters who refusedto take part in the December 7 general elections.

In a video circulated on social media and sighted by, the NPP Regional Chairman was seen displaying the several gold bars he owns on Wontumi TV.

Speaking on Kumasi based Angel Fm Morning Show Angel In The Morning hosted by Kwame Tanko (KT), Maxwell Ofosu Boakye attributed the New Patriotic Party (NPP) poor performance especially in Ashanti Region in the December 7 general elections to the attitude of Chairman Wontumi and some regional executives.

“KT it is time we speak truth to power and correct our mistakes. Ashanti Region is NPP stronghold and looking at good policies which have been implemented by President Akufo-Addo’s government, the party was expected to win massively in the region. Though we won the elections but we were not expecting this percentage. People decided not to even go out to vote because of the attitude of some regional executives” Maxwell said.

“People have the perception that Politicians are corrupt and they are stealing taxpayers’ money so if you (Chairman Wontumi) show your wealth in public, those who fought and fighting for the party but still struggling will lose hope. There are some people who think they have been neglected because others are showing their wealth in public while they don’t have even what to eat”. He noted

Maxwell Ofosu Boakye added that “now it is time to correct our mistakes. Some of the Regional executives have to change their attitude and come down to make the grassroots feel the love in the party”

He therefore condemned Ashanti Regional Executives for popping champagne after Electoral Commission’s voters’ registration exercise.

“Why must you celebrate after voters’ registration exercise? People may think you have won the elections already so their votes are not necessary so they won’t come out to vote. It was a bad move which needs to be condemned”. He stressed. Zoure/2020

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