Sierra Leone first lady says President Bio is a PhD doctor in staging coups

Mrs Fatima Bio, Sierra Leone’s First Lady, claimed at a ruling SLPP party fund raising event in the United States, that those who took part in the August 10th riots in various parts of Sierra Leone to oust her husband from power, should remember that President Bio has a PhD in staging coups.

The video recording of her speech which has gone viral on social media is believed to have caused serious rift in the ruling SLPP party, amid calls for the President to “shut the first lady up to avoid further embarrassments,” a senior member of the party told the editor of the Sierra Leone Telegraph yesterday.

Fatima Bio is not new to controversy. Two years ago, commenting on the country’s rape crisis, she said in a video recording that also went viral that men who commit rape should have their private parts cut off and barbequed, to the horror and consternation of millions across the country and outside.

In her latest comment, the first lady said: “My husband has PhD in staging coups, so nobody can overthrow him”.

“Maada Bio has a PhD in coup d’état, can you remove him. The man has a PhD in staging coups, how can you remove someone who teaches people how to stage a coup,” Sierra Leone’s first lady said in a video which you can watch below.

President Julius Maada Bio is accused of executing 29 people in cold blood after a military coup in April 1992, as he and other officers of the country’s military removed the government of the All People’s Congress Party (APC), from power.

President Bio said recently that the opposition APC are behind what he referred to as an attempted coup in August 10th 2022, an allegation the APC denies.