The change you voted for will bring you jobs and prosperity – Mahama to Ghanaians

Former President of Ghana John Dramani Mahama has once again thanked the people of Ghana for voting for the change they need.

In a recent change to the cover photo of the former President’s Facebook cover page, the NDC leader insist that Ghanaians voted for change and that change will bring them jobs and prosperity for all.

John Dramani Mahama has insisted that he won the 2020 elections and has indicated that he will not concede because the Electoral Commission connived with the sitting government to rig the election in its favour.

To the former President, he will not sit for the will of the people of Ghana to be subverted in the manner in which it is been done currently.

He intends protecting the country’s democratic principles and only an independent audit of the results as declared by the Electoral Commission will make the NDC concede defeat if it turns out they lost,