Ghana’s Transport Fares Reduced After Strengthening Of Cedi

Transport fares is to reduce by 15.3 per cent after a series of negotiations was finally resolved by the Ghana Private Road and Transport Operators (GPRTU) and the Ghana Road Transport Coordinating Council.

A joint press statement by the GPRTU and GRTCC indicated that the 15.3 per cent reduction of the fares comes on the back of the recent decrease in the prices of petroleum products.

This became necessary to engage stakeholders to consider a review of the fare in line with the administrate instruments.

“Series of negotiation meetings were held with stakeholders to agree on an acceptable fare reduction commensurate with the current fuel price”.

” Following these negotiations and in consideration of the plight of drivers, commuters and the general public we have resolved to reduce the existing transport fare to 15.3 per cent ” the statement indicated.

The statement also appealed to the commercial Transport Operators to comply with the new fare directive.

” We request operators, commuters and the general public to kindly cooperate for the successful implementation of the fares ” the statement added.

The public may recall that on Saturday, 29th October 2022 a 19 per cent upward adjustment in public transport fares took effect after intensive negotiations with stakeholders.