Russian Embassy rubbishes allegations that war is the cause of high cost of food

Top Ghanaian Government officials on different platforms have consistently cited the Russia-Ukraine conflict as one of the reasons for the current hardships in the country.

But the Russian Embassy in Ghana debunked the notion on Twitter, rubbished allegations that the conflict with Ukraine is the cause of the high cost of food in Ghana.

The Embassy, in several posts on the Twitter page of the Embassy, stressed that the accusations are untrue.

The Russian Embassy notes that food prices were already rising in 2020 even before the conflicts between the two European countries went south.

“The Embassy took notice of the increased number of news articles somehow or other accusing Russia of all negative trends in agricultural markets, gloomy prospects in terms of access of food, and huge losses of farmers.

“However the truth is different. The Embassy wishes to shed some light on the roots and drivers of this crisis and provide a comprehensive and objective analysis without emotions and political prejudice.

“Food prices started rising in mid-2020 and reached an all-time high in February 2022,” parts of the post on the Russian Embassy in Ghana’s Twitter reads.

It adds, “This is a real market shock caused by high demand and rising prices on food, raw materials and transportation services, including freight in the post-COVID recovery period.”