Tube Commuters to endure further strikes on Friday

London tube Commuters will endure further travel chaos on Friday after the Rail union, (RMT), confirmed further Tube strikes.

The strike action will affect services on the Victoria and Central lines from 7pm to 4.29am on both Friday and Saturday.

TfL said there was potential for “little or no service” on the Victoria and Central lines for the next three weekends.

The strike action centres around TFL’s reintroduction of the Night Tube shifts, which the union says “will wreck the work-life balance” of its workers.

RMT rather wants TFL to hire dedicated Night Tube drivers to fill in the shifts which London Underground bosses are not in favour of.

Following talks, the union said tube bosses only want to cut costs regardless of the impact on staff and the services they operate.

Night Tube services on the Central and Victoria line has resumed for the first time in 20 months.

Almost 30,000 passengers used the Night Tube last weekend. Transport for London said passenger numbers over night last Saturday were about a third of pre-pandemic levels.

Passengers are advised to check their routes before they travel with TfL warning of “severe disruption”.