United Kingdom record temperature of 40.3C for first time

The United Kingdom recorded a record temperature of 40.3C for first time. Heathrow Airport was the first place to break the 40C mark, hitting 40.2C.

Lincolnshire recorded the highest temperature hitting 40.3C (104F), the high temperature caused major fire incidents in several areas.

Over 100 firefighters tackled huge blazes raging near the village of Wennington on the outskirts of London

Other places also passed the 40C mark during the afternoon, including Gringley on the Hill in Nottinghamshire and parts of London including St James’s Park, Kew Gardens and Northolt.

A large swathe of eastern England, from Surrey to South Yorkshire, saw temperatures between 39C and 40C, and at least 34 weather stations exceeded the previous UK temperature record.

Scotland also saw a new record, according to provisional Met Office figures, with 34.8C recorded at Charterhall, in the Scottish borders – beating the previous record of 32.9C recorded in 2003.